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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Commercial Police.—Regulations of the port of

, and instructions to Reve Constables, by P.

A packet from Jeremy Bentham

Esq. to Mr. Eddy.
Mr. Eddy will see that Mr. Bentham has read his work
on the New York state prison.

List of papers inclosed—also pamphlets.—1. A state-
ment or summary view of the prisoners committed
to Newgate

for trial in the year 1802, with the
various results. 2. Introductory letter to the fourth
volume of the reports of the Society for Bettering the
Condition of the Poor. 3. Extracts from Doctor
Williams' publication on the effects of dram-drinking,
three copies. 4. Extracts of cases of the typhus
fever, recovered by affusion in cold water. 5. Hints
for making straw hats, &c.

The letter, to which the annexed is an answer, is
missing. It related to the agency here spoken of,
respecting the Constable estate.

New-York, 5th mo. 22d, 1803. ESTEEMED FRIEND,

Almost immediately after receiving thy esteemed
favour, of the 10th February last, business called me
from the city, from which I have been absent several
weeks. This must be my apology for not sooner
replying to thy letter. During my absence, I have
been to Philadelphia

, and have made some inquiries
concerning the matters to which thou hast requested
my attention.

It would afford me very sincere pleasure to be of
service to one, for whom, though personally un-
known, I cherish the highest respect and esteem, and
whose benevolent and active exertions, to diminish
the evils of civil society, claims the gratitude of every
citizen of the world.

In consenting to take upon me the agency of thy
lands here, it is proper for me to state, that, having