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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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desire of the author. Letters to P. Colquhoun

, Esq.,
on the subject of the Jewish poor in the metropolis.

Tracts and papers written during the late scarcity in
Great Britain and Ireland.—Suggestions for econo-
mizing human subsistence, during the scarcity, with
various Tracts and Addresses written by P. Colquhoun

Esq., during that eventful period.

Hints on Beneficence, and Tracts on Analogous
Fevers.—Hints on beneficence, in three volumes
by Doctor Lettsom

, sent by the author's desire.—
Tracts on Analogous Fevers, and Fever Hospital in

Tracts applicable to the Police, to the Corruption of
Morals, and the prevention of Crimes.—Observations on
public houses in the metropolis, (two copies,) by P.

. A Treatise on the functions and duties
of a Constable, explaining in what manner the police
of England is at present conducted, by P. Colquhoun.
This work, with a few alterations, will apply to
every part of the United States. Nothing upon the
same plan has ever been published.

Financial and Police Reports.—Two volumes con-
taining a history of the finances of Great Britain,
and the system of public offices, &c. The twenty-
eighth report in the second volume relates to police.

Penitentiary Establishments.—Ponoplicon system
for reforming criminals, by Jeremy Bentham

, Esq.
Two letters by the same author, drawing a compari-
son between his system and the present mode of
transportation to New South Wales. Reports on the
penitentiary establishment in the county of Dorset,
sent by William Morton Pitt, Esq., member of Par-
liament. Rules and orders proposed for the better
management of the House of Correction for the
county of Middlesex, situated in Cold Bathfields,

Prisons in England.—A survey of the prisons in

, with a view to the relief of Poor Debtors,
by James Nield, Esq.