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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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to withhold it on the succeeding year, in case of any
information of improper conduct, and to forfeit it,
in case of conviction—a power also to constables, to
stop and examine the persons who convey parcels,
&c. after dark, and to punish the offenders if they
cannot give a satisfactory account to the magistrate,
how they obtained the same, would tend much to
the prevention of crimes. It is by these precau-
tions, and by mild summary punishments, that the
calendars of delinquency are to be diminished in
every country, and a wise legislature will look to
prevention as a primary object, that there may be
occasion as seldom as possible, to resort to punish-

As temperance operates powerfully in preventing
diseases in the human body, so will preventives tend
to diminish the evils in the body politic. In America,
where old prejudices do not exist, and where the
laws in their progress are verging towards maturity,
this preventive system can be much easier accom
plished than in Europe

, and if the legislature is true
to itself, it will see the vast importance of establish-
ing, in the first instance, every safe-guard to the
innocent part of the community, by shutting up, as
far as circumstances will permit, every avenue to
crimes. The true interests of the state requires it,
and humanity to the unhappy individuals, who are
tempted to perpetrate offences, from the temptations
which assail them, plead strongly for the adoption of
an appropriate preventive system, applicable to the
local and peculiar state of the country.

Did I not know that I was addressing myself to a
man of true philanthropy, who glories in his country's
prosperity, and anxiously seeks for opportunities of
doing good, I should make an apology for the length
of this letter; but to you, sir, it is not necessary.
That you may be long spared to society, and blessed
with health and vigour of mind, to enable you to
prosecute the good work, which you and your wor-