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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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nary penal laws.—Thus, also, has christian sym-
pathy been gradually developed, and brought into
action that spirit of philanthropy, which desires to
promote the welfare of every part of the human
family. Hence we have been led into the exercise
of those benign affections, which have pointed out to
us the reasonableness and propriety of pursuing a
course of mild and humane treatment, towards those
unfortunate persons who are afflicted with a dimi-
nution or aberration of intellect.

At this auspicious period let us pause—a scene of
activity presents itself, fraught with an increase of
knowledge, enlargement of mind, and new powers
of rational enjoyment.—A new impulse has been
given to the Christian family, and its influence ex-
tends to every part of the world.

The present age may be regarded as most remark-
ably auspicious to the interests of mankind, it is
marked by the union of benevolent persons of all
religious denominations, for the promotion of useful
objects; an improved system of education has been
reared up for youth, which has laid the foundation
of the greatest progress in intellectual and moral
improvement that the world has hitherto known.
First day, or Sunday Schools, are established; and to
crown all, the British and Foreign Bible Society has
been organized, and in full operation, with wonder-
ful success, and on this day we celebrate the third
anniversary of the American Bible Society

effects produced by this union are equal to the most
sanguine expectations of its founders—But Paul
may plant, and Apollos may water, but God alone
giveth the increase.—Relying on a continuance of
blessings from on high, the fervent friend of Bible
Societies, viewing with gratitude the success of these
institutions in disseminating the oracles of divine
truth, looks towards the times, when the fruits of
this seed shall be universally visible—he anticipates,
with joy, what has been in part accomplished—that