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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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tain the practicability of making improvements in
the navigation, as far as that place. Being well
satisfied, from my own observation, of the practica-
bility of making extensive improvements, by means of
canals, &c., through the western parts of the state, and
considering the incalculable advantages that would
result from the completion of such a magnificent
work, my mind was devoted to its accomplishment.
As I was active in the prosecution of the improve-
ments made by the Western Inland Lock Navigation
Company, the geography and topography of the
western parts of this state were very familiar to
my mind, and having been very intimate with Mr.

, when he was in this country, employed by
the company as Canal Engineer, and having accom-
panied him in exploring the country, from Rome to
Cayuga Lake, in 1796, and being repeatedly with
him, whilst he was employed on the canals on the
Mohawk river, my knowledge of the whole face of
the country fixed in my mind an ardent desire to
extend a complete canal navigation, from Rome to
Seneca river. Occasionally, for many years, I urged
the Western Canal Company to extend their im-
provements further west. A vast sum of money had
been expended by them in improving the navigation
of the Mohawk, which, for many years, absorbed
the tolls, and prevented a dividend being made
among the stockholders. Under these circumstances,
no importunities of mine could prevail on the com-
pany to make advances for further improvements.
In March, 1810, I was at Albany, and it occurred to
me, that probably the Legislature might be induced
to appoint commissioners, to examine and explore
the western parts of the state, for the purpose of
ascertaining the practicability of extending canal
navigation, and to estimate the expense, and report
thereon. 1 was pertectly convinced, that if commis-
sioners should be appointed, they would make a
very favourable report. My friend, Jonas Platt, (now