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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Chiefs, the Little Turtle

and the Five Medals, and
do hereby certify that they are taken down with


Interpreter and Agent for Indian Affairs.

Proceedings of the First Conference.

A member of the Society of Friends opened the con-
ference by addressing the chiefs as follows:


I am desirous that, in the early part of this op-
portunity, you may be informed that the people called
Quakers, consider all mankind as their brethren;
that they believe the Great Spirit and Father of man-
kind created all men of one blood; and that it is the
will of Him, who also created the sun, the moon, and
the stars, and causes them to give us light—that Great
Spirit and common Father of all mankind—that we
should not do one another hurt, but that we should
do one another all the good we can; and it is on
this ground and this principle, that we believe it right
to take you by the hand.

After sitting a short time in silence, another Friend
addressed them as follows:


We, the people called Quakers, believe that it is
required of us, that we should all love one another,
however separated we may be in our local settlements
in the world, or whatever difference there may be in
our colour. And, as we are convinced it is not in
our power to perform our religious duties to Him
that hath created us, without his assistance, so we
conceive it to be our duty, when we are about to
enter upon such weighty business as, I apprehend, this is,
thus to sit down in stillness, in order to endeavour
to feel after the operation of his spirit in our hearts;
and we believe that this cannot be attained by our