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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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make out to bring the whole of your Nation here,
you can have better chance to try to live as a people,
because this dish is much better than your old dish.

4th. Because you will have the privilege of hear-
ing the glad tidings of the Gospel preached, and your
children will be instructed to read and write.

5th. Because here we can live together as one
family, and counsel one another, and comfort
and exhort one another daily, so long as we are allowed
to live this side of eternity.

From your grandchildren, Sachems,
Counsellors of Maheconneck Nation,
Delivered in full Council.
New Stockbridge, October 9th, 1796.

To the Stockbridge.—Answer.


I am glad that, by the goodness of the Great
Spirit, we were allowed to meet together by the side
of this fire-place, to smoke the pipe of friendship, as
our ancestors were accustomed to do. Grandchildren,
I am glad to find a token of your friendship, which
you manifested at your grandfather's arrival at this
fire-place; likewise, ever since, for which we are
extremely thankful, and ever shall be gratefully re-

Grandchildren—At our arrival, you wiped away
the tears from our eyes, which were caused by the
filth and dust which blew into them in our long
journey, as also, on the account of the many tall
trees, which are fallen and lost amongst us. Like-
wise, you have cleared out my ears and throat, and
set my heart upright. Likewise, you have wiped off