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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Nation as you know are men of uprightness, who
will pay you in good season, whereby you will be
enabled to be punctual in paying at the time pro-
posed, which will greatly add to the reputation of
your character as a people, and, in an especial man-
ner, secure to you the future favour and friendship
of our Society; which, that it may be the case, is the
sincere desire of

Your real friends and brethren, JOHN MURRAY, jun.

The stove, and sufficient of length of pipe, was sent
some time ago to Albany

, to the care of Thomas
, merchant there, with directions to him to
send it to the care of Peter Smith, at old Fort Schuy-

Our Assembly will meet next month, and, perhaps,
it would be best for you three to come to this city,
and try if you can prevail on them to grant you
compensation for your old claim. We will give you
our assistance, and we believe, if you come, that we
can prevail on the Assembly to grant you an annuity.
Inclosed is invoice of the goods, amounting to 1291. 15s. 10d.

To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Six Nations.


In all my intercourse and acquaintance, I have
endeavoured to give you proofs that I am your friend.
Of this truth I trust you are well convinced. If,
then, you believe me to be your friend, you will listen
to my talk; and if you think I have understanding
to discern what is for your best good, you will attend
to my advice.

Brothers—I have often shown you what good things
the white people enjoy, and explained how you might
also enjoy them. You have answered, that what I
told you was very good, and that you were willing