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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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very thoughtful about our Indian Brethren, and in-
tended soon to have wrote to you.

Our minds, as well as your other Friends in this
city, have been much employed in thinking in what
way we could best serve you; we are sensible you
want assistance, and we are very desirous of helping
you to become Farmers, and learn some useful trades,
so that you may not find it necessary to go so much
out among the white people, which has been already
of great hurt to your young men, by exposing them
to be overtaken by the great Hero, as you very justly
observe. But, Brothers, we must tell you in plain
words, that unless you are in earnest, and particu-
larly the peace makers and chiefs among yourselves,
to make by-laws to prevent your Nation from going
so much among the white people, or bringing Rum
into your Nation, we may be discouraged from lend-
ing you assistance. Now, Brothers, we want you to
be wise, study your own good, and endeavour to
promote your own happiness. We fully depend on
you to use exertions to make a reform in your Nation,
and that you will, in the first place, strive to leave
off drinking Rum, as being the first and great step
to your becoming a sober and industrious, and, in
time, a civilized people; and hoping this happy
change may take place, you may likely again receive
another visit next summer from some of our Society;
and in order to encourage you to go on in well-doing,
we have agreed to comply with your request in
sending you a few goods, in confidence that you will
pay us punctually for them in twelve months.

As we have endeavoured to point out the path
which leads to your happiness in this world and the
next, so we hope you will be favoured with strength
and good resolutions to walk in it; and, as you now
experience a fresh instance of our regard, in furnish-
ing you with some goods, so we particularly request
of you to be very cautious how you suffer them to
go out of your possession. Only trust such of your