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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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prayer of which was for an extension of these grants
for fifty years, and it was allowed. The indefati-
gable philanthropist did not become wearied in his
cause, for in 1810 he again succeeded in getting an
additional sum of three thousand five hundred dol-
lars for ten years, or during the pleasure of the legis-
lature ; at this time, the Hospital

was in the receipt
of sixteen thousand dollars a year. This last act of
the Assembly was repealed in 1817, and the income
from the State reduced to twelve thousand five hun-
dred dollars.

Early in the year 1815, Mr. Eddy

made a written
communication to the Governors of the Hospital,
which enforced the propriety of introducing an in-
stitution for lunatic patients, more extensive than
had heretofore been in existence in this country.
The communication is full of good sense without any
pretensions; and, although all the sentiments it con-
tains are now familiar to us, they were novel then
to most of those who had paid attention to the sub-
ject of insanity. This communication is mentioned
in the history of the hospital, and the proceedings
had thereon.

An appeal was again made to the legislature for
assistance, and Mr. Eddy

was requested to proceed
to Albany and present a memorial, but this he de-
clined for various reasons. It is a painful and labo-
rious task to attend a winter session of a delibera-
tive body, and he thought he had done more than
his share of this labour. No one can tell how irksome
it is to talk with hundreds of persons, clothed with
authority, often captious, sometimes suspecting self-
ishness, and generally impatient listeners, when
caught in the lobbies or out of doors; and then it is
natural for every man to feel an aversion to any one
who often comes on errands of solicitation. To do
much and offend but few, was the peculiar gift of
Mr. Eddy. The Governors of the Hospital would
not vote to relieve him from this duty, but particular-