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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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the Hospital

suffered with other institutions. On
the return of peace, this charity seemed still warm
with life, but was not reanimated until after the
adoption of the Federal constitution. This act,
which gave strength, vigour and reputation to the
nation, was soon followed by great exertions. In
less than two years after the constitution went into
operation, the hospital was open for the reception
of patients. The legislature had lent a helping hand;
but it was not until Mr. Eddy, in 1793, was elected
one of the governors of this institution, that great and
liberal things were done for it. At this time, the
Board met but once in three months; he proposed
that the Board should meet once a month. This
was agreed to, and new life was given to these
meetings by plans proposed by Mr. Eddy. There was
a field back of the Hospital of seven acres, which
might have been purchased for one hundred pounds
an acre, and he urged the Board to buy it without
delay, but in this he was, unfortunately for the insti-
tution, overruled; yet nothing abated his ardour in the
cause of this charity. The annual allowance from
the legislature to the hospital was five thousand dol-
lars, and this was limited to four years. In 1795,
Mr. Eddy, being at Albany, held a communication
with that prince of patriotism and benevolence, Gen.
.* * See Appendix. He prevailed on him to introduce a bill in
the Senate, which passed into a law, giving the Hos-
pital ten thousand dollars a year for four years.
The next year Mr. Eddy again visited Albany, and
procured the passage of a law adding twenty-five
hundred dollars a year to the former grant. In 1800,
Mr. Eddy repaired to Albany, and procured an exten-
sion of the grant for five years. Notwithstanding
this liberality, the governors could not extend their
plans according to their wishes, and they did the
best they could until 1806, when they again sent
their faithful representative with a petition, the