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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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British in Philadelphia

, a number of Friends, amongst
whom was my elder brother Charles, were arrested by
a general warrant, by order of the Executive Council
of Pennsylvania
, and without being admitted to a
hearing, were unjustly banished to Winchester, in
Virginia. Of this number, I recollect the names of
Israel, John, and James Pemberton, Edward Pening-
, Thomas, Samuel, and Myers Fisher, Thomas
, and others. The alleged charge against them
was, that they were unfriendly to the independence
of America. They were absent several months, and
were allowed to return, during the time the British
occupied the city. The British army evacuated
Philadelphia in 6th month, 1778. Soon after, several
persons were arrested, under a charge of aiding the
British, and were tried for treason. As is common
in all civil wars, the minds of people were extremely
irritated against each other, and those who were
attached to the British government, were often very
bitterly persecuted by the opposite party. Amongst
those citizens of Philadelphia charged with treason,
were John Roberts and Abraham Carlisle. They
were both Friends of good reputation, and very
respectable men. The former was a miller, and resi-
ded near Merion meeting house, about six miles from
Philadelphia. The latter was a board merchant,
near Vine street. The charge against Roberts was,
that when the British troops were on their march to
take possession of Philadelphia, and had advanced
near Swedes Ford, on the Schuylkill, 17 miles from
the city, he sent word to General Howe, who com-
manded the British, that the Friends, who, as afore-
mentioned, had been banished to Virginia, were then
proceeding on the road to Reading, and suggested to
the General that he should send a detachment of the
army to fall in with them, in order that they might
return to their families. After the British took pos-
session of the city, a line of fortifications was com-
pleted from the Schuylkill to the Delaware, and