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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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and happy would it have been for me, if I had,
through life, more imitated his excellent character.
He possessed fine literary talents, and as a poet was
pleasing and instructive. His family connexions
were wealthy, and generally fashionable. He, more
particularly, during the latter part of his life, was a
truly religious and good man. Of William Savary

it would be difficult for me to say too much. No
two persons could entertain a more near and tender
regard and affection for each other, than always
subsisted between us. He was a man of uncommon-
ly strong mind, and good understanding. When
about 25 years of age, he became a minister, and per-
haps there never was one more highly esteemed and
beloved. He was admired by all classes, and openly
opposed to every thing in the least marked with
bigotry or superstition. As a preacher, he was in
the first rank. His manner of delivery was pleasing
and solemn, his mind was cultivated and improved,
and he was uncommonly liberal in his sentiments
towards those of other societies. I have often thought
there never was so nearly perfect a character, within
my knowledge, in our society, and none that more
extensively inculcated and effectually diffused, true,
practical, Christian principles. I could do no less
than pay this brief tribute to the memory of these
two excellent men, who were the friends of my
youth, and who early instilled into my mind, opi-
nions and sentiments, that have been instructive and
useful to me through life.

In 1777, the British troops took possession of Phila-

, and soon after their entering the city, the
American army attacked them at Germantown. I
rode out with William Savary to that place, before
the battle was entirely over, and had a view, a mourn-
ful view, of the killed and wounded on the ground.
When we arrived, the Americans had retreated, and
the British army had advanced as far as Chesnut
. About a month previous to the arrival of the