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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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different yearly meetings on this continent; and also
of one to the yearly meeting in London

; which, with
some small alterations, were approved and adopted.
After a solemn pause, and a prayer to the Divine
Being, the meeting concluded its twelfth sitting,
and the last for this year.

5th Month, 2d.

I attended Merion week-day

, and spent the afternoon pleasantly in
company with R. J. and H. B. whom I assisted
in planting several paper-mulberry trees, on the
vacant ground near the meeting-house, which were
intended to be a shade for friends' horses in
the summer season. There is generally a plot of
ground round the country meeting-houses in
America, sometimes of several acres, planted with
shady trees, under which the horses and carriages
of friends stand, during meeting time, and which
forms a most interesting piece of scenery.

5th Month, 3d.

At Merion

I this day received
letters from my wife and children dated the 14th
of 2d Month, giving accounts of their welfare.
Persons who have never removed from their
native country, can hardly conceive the pleasure
that is derived from the correspondence of near
connexions when separated from them in a distant

5th Month, 4th.

I attended Merion meeting

being 1st day, and afterwards had the company of
R. S. and A. K. of Philadelphia to dinner. These