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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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master of this black slave died, leaving behind him
a widow, and one son, a profligate young man.
As the master lay on his death-bed, he called
this faithful slave to him, and taking him by the
hand, told him that he felt his end was fast ap-
proaching, and that his mistress would have little
to depend upon for her support, except what she
might be able to make of his labour; and there-
fore he begged that he would continue to be faith-
ful to her, after the master should be laid in the
silent grave. In a very short time the master
died, and the slave continued his services to his
mistress, and much to her satisfaction; enabling
her, for several years, to live comfortably, and also
to administer to the wants of her profligate sun;
so that, under a grateful sense of his worth, she
determined to make this black man free, and also
his family, consisting of a wife and three children.
A writing was accordingly drawn up, and duly
executed, whereby they were all liberated; and the
happiness of this family, under these circumstances,
may be more easily conceived than described.

Their industry and sobriety, manifested whilst
in bondage, now had its full effect; and all went
on happily and comfortably, until the profli-
gate son, before mentioned, who had by idleness
and drunkenness reduced himself to extreme ne-
cessity, conceived the cruel plan of invalidating
the indenture with his another had executed, to