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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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2d Month, 15th.

I visited G. P.

one of the
friends lately come from Amsterdam to settle in
Baltimore. They had opened a shop here which
they had furnished with the manufactures of
France and Germany; and for the short time they
had been in business, had met with good encou-
ragement. I was rather surprised to see that in
some of the shops in this place, as well as in Phi-
ladelphia, although nearly the whole stock con-
sisted of the manufactures of other countries, yet
but little of it was from England.

2d Month, 16th.

I attended Baltimore forenoon

, and in the afternoon attended by J. T.
and G. M. left that city. In the evening we came
to H. J.'s, a minister who is well respected in this
neighbourhood. His house and plantation lie near
the Gunpowder Falls, and not far from the meet-
ing which bears that name. I was told of a re-
markable preservation which the friends of this
meeting experienced during the revolutionary war
in America. As our society generally had shewn
an attachment to the government of England, at
the breaking out of the revolution, and had, as a
body, adhered to their peaceable principle in re-
fusing to take and active part in the struggle, there
were many amongst the most violent of the revolt-
ing colonists, who were greatly exasperated against
friends. However a few individuals in the society,
were not so careful as in common prudence they