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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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Chapter XII.
Baltimore-Gunpowder Falls--Mary Stroud-Civilizing
the Indians--Negro Boy Sado--Battle of Brandy-wine,
and events in the neighbourhood--Westgrove--Another
Negro Boy--Merion--Occurrences there, &c.--General
Moreau--A Negro Slave who had been liberated--Dr.

2d Month, 13th, 1806.

I attended Baltimore
monthly meeting

, and afterwards dined at J. M.'s,
a friend who after many years successful applica-
tion to business, had retired from it, and was em-
ploying a part of his leisure hours, in promoting
an extensive work for supplying the town with
water, in which he has embarked considerable pro-
perty conjointly with many others. I took a walk
with him to view the work as it was in progress,
and, from what I could judge, it will be attended
with very great expense; but no doubt it will prove
highly beneficial to the inhabitants of Baltimore.

2d Month, 14th.

This day I dined with G. M.
an ancient friend, who held the office of inspector
of beef and pork, exported from the Port of Bal-

. The United States not requiring any
oaths from those appointed to offices under go-
vernment, it frequently happens that friends accept
of them.