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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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short time in this friendly way, I informed him,
that as my object in calling upon him, deserved
scarcely a better name than curiosity, I should be
very sorry to detain him; especially as his time
must be fully occupied with the important con-
cerns of Government

; Congress being then sitting.
After this, rising from my chair, he came forward,
and again taking me by the hand, bade me farewell.
From his disregard to all useless forms and cere-
monies, not excepting these of religion, his ene-
mies accuse him of being deficient both in religion
and politeness. But there are men, that have
seen a great deal of the world, who believe, on
good grounds, that where true religion and true
politeness most abound, there we see least of
forms and ceremonies, and that true religion and
true politeness generally go hand in hand.

Having received an invitation from one of the
Members of Congress, to attend their sitting, I
this day went to the Capitol and heard their de-
bates. I also visited the Hall where the Senate
was sitting; but as there was nothing very interest-
ing before them, I had not an opportunity of
hearing their principal orators.

After visiting the Senate and House of Repre-
sentatives, I spent a short time in the Supreme
Federal Court; where the Chief Justice

was then
sitting. Although a great part of the Capitol is