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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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just arrived. We had also on board a young
man from Montego Bay, in Jamaica. The after-
noon being fine and clear, the wind fair, and
the company agreeable, we had a delightful sail
to Amboy

, being about 30 miles.

6th Month, 4th.

I came to Burlington

; and
after a pleasant evening spent in the family,
slept at G. D.'s.

6th Month, 5th.

This morning I called upon
J. H. with whom I spent an hour or two very
pleasantly, in company with Geo. Dillwyn

. Most
of the time, we sat upon the benches at his door,
the weather being very fine and warm. It is very
common here to have benches, facing each other,
on the outside of their houses, at the oars, un-
der the shade of trees planted in the streets;
where they frequently sit enjoying the fresh breeze,
and the shade. Burlington is a pleasant place
in these respects; the principal street being
fronted by the Delaware, has the benefit of the
cool air blowing from it. This evening I arrived
at Philadelphia, after a pleasant sail of 18 miles
down the Delaware.

7th Month, 28th.

After spending about seven
weeks in Philadelphia

and its neighbourhood,
principality in attention to commercial engage-
ments, I this day set out, accompanied by Edward