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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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We crossed the North River, and arrived at New-

to dinner; where I took up my lodgings at
my old friend P. P.'s, whom I found in a weak
state of health.

5th Month, 26th.

I attended New-York meet-

; afterwards dined at J. B.'s, in company with
two friends from Canada. In the afternoon I
drank tea at J. M.'s, in company with several
other friends: and spent the evening at C. and
E. C.'s.

5th Month 31st.

The last five days I spent in
attending the yearly meeting at New-York

; and
on the evening of the 31st attended a Committee
on Indian Affairs. This committee corresponds
with the Indians, who are disposed to be instructed
and assisted by friends. I observed that the com-
munications from the Indians consisted chiefly in
requests that friends would furnish them with iron-
work, and workmen to assist them in building
their houses and barns.

6th Month, 1st.

I went to Flushing on Long
Island, along with my relation T. W. and ano-
ther friend. On the 3d we returned to New-
York, and, in the afternoon, I set out for Phila-

, in the Amboy Packet, in company with a
French merchant, his wife, and three children.
They came from Bordeaux, whence they were