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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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crossed the Susquehanna, a noble river, being
about one mile over. Thence I proceeded to the
Gunpowder Falls, where I saw some considerable
iron works.

9th Month, 15th.

I came to Baltimore

, and
being pressingly invited by J. T. I took up my
quarters at his house. As I was a stranger in
Baltimore, and had no acquaintance with him, but
had accidentally met with him at a friend's house,
as I was delivering a letter, I felt the greater obli-
gation to him for his generous attention.

9th Month, 16th.

After being employed the fore-
part of the day in business, I was invited to dinner
by G. M. an open-hearted old man, and father-
in-law to J. T. with whom I spent part of the day.
In the afternoon I called upon G. M. who, a consi-
derable time back, had emigrated with his father,
of the same name, and several branches of the
family, into this country, out of the northern parts
of Yorkshire.

9th Month, 17th.

I left Baltimore

, and, in the
evening, came to Washington City; or rather to
the scite on which the Metropolis of the United
States is intended to be built; for, as yet, little is
done towards the foundation of a city, excepting
the public offices, and houses for the accommoda-
tion of the officers and clerks in the various de-