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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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8th Month, 22d.

I set out for New-York in
the packet-boat, by way of Burlington

, and had a
pleasant sail up the Delaware, being about 20
miles. The fare I paid was 13 1/2 pence to Burlington.
The next day I attended Burlington meeting, and
on the 24th, set out in the public stage for Am-
boy, passing through a great part of West Jersey.
In our way we breakfasted at Croswick's, where I
noticed a noble meeting-house and school, which
friends have build there, with spacious grounds
about them, all in neat order. This night I lodged
at the inn at Amboy, and was pleasantly lulled to
rest by the plaintive notes of the Whippoorwill.
This bird is often heard in the dead of the night,
in the summer season, in America. Its song is an
unceasing repetition of the three syllables of its
name, Whip-poor-will, in soft and plaintive

8th Month, 25th.

This morning I went on
board the packet for New-York

, and in the passage
we passed by the Romulus, Capt. R. B. from Liver-
pool. By this vessel I had the pleasure of receiv-
ing letters from my friends in England, and also
agreeable accounts of my wife and children, who
were at Liverpool when she left that port.

I staid at New-York

till after the 11th of the 9th
month. In this city I once dined at the house of
--, in company with several English friends.