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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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did on that side of the cabin. A little time after the
storm had subsided, and the sea was become calm,
we were entertained with the sight of a number of
flying fish, which, from time to time, continued
to rise our of the sea, and after taking short flights,
dropped again into the water. These flying fish ap-
peared to be pursued by a number of dolphins,
which, for a considerable time, kept company with
the ship, so as to give us a full opportunity of ob-
serving their beautiful colours, continually changing
to the various tints of azure, green and gold. The
gold fishes, which we see confined in glass jars, are
very beautiful; but not at all to be compared with
the dolphin, which is, besides a much larger fish;
generally weiging 8 or 10 pounds. Our seamen
caught several of them, and we found them very
good eating. Although the colours of the dolphin
are exceedingly beautiful while alive and in motion
in the sea, yet they are still more extraordinary when
the fish is taken out of the water, and is in the
agonies of death; Displaying then, every colour of
the rainbow, changing in rapid succession as long
as life remains. As the dolphins were in pursuit
of the flying fish, so the dolphins in their turn were
pursued by the sharks; and such is the activity of
these voracious animals in seizing their prey, that,
whilst one of our people was dragging up a dolphin,
as quickly as he possibly could, a huge shark put up
his monstrous jaws and snatched the fish from
the hook.