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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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of these huge waves rolled completely over the ship;
and we were, for a short time, overwhelmed by it.
Such was the force with which it struck the ship,
that she reeled to the other side, and really trembled
under the stroke. One of the passengers having his
back towards it, and not hearing the mate's warning,
was struck down with so much violence, and pre-
cipitated to the other side of the vessel with so much
force, that his head, striking against one of the
quarter boards, broke the board in pieces; and a
pair of cloth pantaloons which he held in his hands
at the time were washed overboard. Indeed we had
great cause to be thankful to Divine Providence, that
we escaped without further loss or damage; and it
was matter of admiration to me, that, whilst buried
in the wave, my mind was preserved from any con-
siderable fear or anxiety as to the consequences.

At this time, we were, I believe, in the gulf
stream; for as the water passed over us, it felt as
warm as new milk. The ship reeled so much to
one side, at the stroke of the sea, that we had a
second immersion as she righted, after recovering
from the shock. As it had blown a hard gale all
the preceding night, the ocean was become so very
rough pretty early in the morning, that a heavy sea
broke through the cabin windows, and rolled into
the beds on one side of the ship; which occasioned
a great alarm ; and I have seldom seen men rise
more quickly from their beds than our companions