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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal B)

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under an humbling sense thereof may
I a little interceede for the renewed con-
tinuence of thy love.

21st 3day

A fine morning, after a smart
shower, takeing breakfast, we parted
with our Brother, and set off at 6, we
went to the Rising Sun Tavern 11m were
we fed our horses, and took some re-
freshment ourselves in the Waggon, then
pursueing our Journey to Wm Brinton

8m , but neither he nor his Wife being at
home we proposed going on, but the
Grand Mother, who was there on a visit, &
daughter insisted on our going in, an
excellent dish of Coffee was soon pre-
pared which was very grateful, we
then proceeded on & got to our Bro-
ther Griffith John's 4m about 4 OClock
where we lodged, Wm Embree met us here
agreeably to appointment and went
with us through the Journey, he put
his Horse to the Waggon which with
our two made three in number,
23 miles to day

22nd 4th day

breakfasted and set off
half past 5, Brother and Sister bore us
company to Lancaster

, we stoped at