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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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prepared of our own ourselves a supper, and went to
bed, but the greatest mortification of all
was,the landlady sent two men who were
travellers to the other bed in our room,
our men as usual in the waggon, we
were very quiet, & rose before day

4th day

Set off at 4 had a very rough
road between mountains 4m, came to the
reading road at Hioustons tavern, where we
wished to have gotten last night, cross'd GreenBoror revals
& pass'd along thro the woods, except a
small cultivated spot where we saw some
fine wheat growing for a rarity, came
on the bank of Mahaney & went up.
The ride of it a considerable distance
between wonderful mountains, cross'd
over it, being a very large stream, pro
ceeded and came to the Mahanoy moun
tain 52m going over. rather different from the others, we
ascended all so far with leaving the ridge
on the left hand, & when on the top made
a short turn and went down with the
ridge on same ride, but this we travelled
a considerable distance on the top a
fence on one side and went down in
the form of an X it was amazing to
see the steepness on the north side
stoped 11m and fed our horses made some
chocolate for breakfast, proceeded on 1/2 past 9