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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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to have written to my Brothers and
Sisters, but could not to all except com-
prized in one letter, therefore must post-
pone it at present, and perhaps may
send an answer when they Write to me.
6 mo 30 when I wrote to the foregoing I
expected J Thomas,

and Wm Embree
would have set off sometime last week
but Jonathan was desirous to see the
Indian return from Pittsburgh, and
it is probable he may come to day
or tomorrow, but Wm being uneasy
being uneasy I expect they will set
of early tomorrow Morning whether
the Indian returns or not, and I hope
when he comes, I shall not be disap-
pointed of hearing from Chester Coun-
ty, we are enjoying a pretty good state
of Health

in near Affection, I remain
Your Daugher Rachel Coope