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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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we were waiting to see her close. she
said where are you waiting? I answer’d
around her bed. She reply'd I am very
low -- About half an hour before her
departure I took hold of her hand to
feel if she had a pulse, apprehending
she was too far gone to notice it, but
she asked if she had any fever. I replied
not much -- I then ask'd if she felt
very sick she answer'd no. I think I
feel a little recruited, am pretty easy
and if I had a good place to lay I
could go to sleep - I said my dear child,
thou wilt soon be in a sweet sleep.
she replied I believe I shall -- at
this time a cold sweat was pouring
from her - and shortly after she said
I am in such a perspiration that
I cannot get my mind composed.
I want to have it settled- having
frequently thro’ the course of the day
expressed the same desire -- she present-