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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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by the hand said, Well Rachel I have
thought of going, are you willing?
She answered I do not see any thing
more thou canst do for me, I believe
thou hast done the best thou couldst.
he then asked her if she felt resign'd to
her fate. she said she thought she did;
but it is a trial to me to leave my
dear husband so far from his friends
yet we are poor dependant beings we
must submit. Then pausing she added
Doctor thou seest there is no age ex-
empt from death, the middle aged
are call'd away as well as those further
advanced. how necessary then for us always
to be prepar'd. -- Being some reliev'd
the forepart of this (which was the third
of her sickness) she was cheerful tho’ very
sweet giving her sister directions about
some things, also saying to her sister
it is my request that you will ever
remember my dear Benjamin

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