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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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Physician being needful and one living
within 30 miles, tho' thro' a wilderness
mountainous country, he was sent for.
The Doctors on confering together, believ'd
it not in their power to give her relief.
After they had come to this conclusion
I took my seat by her bedside. she
look'd a few minutes at me then,
with her natural voice and much sim-
plicity asked me what the doctors thought
of her. I told her, her situation was
so difficult they apprehended they could
administer no relief. she reply'd
why do they think so? - then pausing
awhile said I must be content and
in a short time adding, I feel resign'd.

She delivered herself with much ease and
freedom, not appearing to be distress'd
or cast down, no heaviness in her
countenance or fear in her eyes. Shortly
after her first Physician came to
take leave of her, and taking her