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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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again be with you-- In regard to thy
debilitated situation and want of health
or whether we shall again meet in muta-
bility, I hope submission and fortitude
will be my companions and not only
in that, but thro’ the varied dispensations
that may be my lot to encounter. but
dear father pleas to accept of the feeble
breathings of thy daughter, that as thy
natural abilities fail, and infirmities
with age come on thou mayest be
preserved a live in that that will endure
beyond time. -- I was pleased to hear
from my dear aged grandmother and
wish to be affectionately remembred to
her. I have often reverted to sensa-
tions impressed on my mind when
in company with some dear friends
near their close of time here, also on
visiting some infirm ones who were
confin'd and for these I often feel a
lively sympathy.