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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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saying to the natural part.- Oh that we
may have our minds so disengaged from
the encumbering things of this world that
the growth of the pure seed may not in the
least be retarded. -- The station of parents
are very important. -- children are often improperly
desiring wanting those things they see on others
when they are young is the time to guard against future dif-
ficulties by nipping things in the bud, and endeavouring
to instill useful instruction into their tender minds. You
feel the charge then why should I thus write.

1806 1 mo 29th

From her diary -- Letters were receiv'd
to day informing of the death of dear cousin
Hannah Jacksons mother-- she is now no
doubt reaping the benefit of a wellspent
life-- may we who are left behind so fol-
low her footsteps that when our final
change comes, we may be prepared; -
time to us all is uncertain, and the
period when we shall be call'd hence
we know not.
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9 mo 18th

To me I dwell but little on the
subject of receiving visits from my friends or when I shall