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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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that may be alloted me. that thro’ heights
and depths I may at seasons, be favour'd
to partake, if but a crumb of that bread,
that nourishes and strengthens the soul;
is what my spirit earnestly breaths for-

6 mo 26th

To her sister ES

-- The recital of thy
short excersion in the country revived a
recent visit made by me to Cold Spring
an Indian town- and I was led to
view the contrast- As true a picture of
mine cannot be formed in thy ideas, as
thine can in mine-- however to make
a begining -- As the cornfields have lately
call'd the attention of the women from
their spining it afforded us some leisure;
and I seized the opportunity to visit
them in their own houses- Jacob Taylor
going on business to the town, and offer'd
to escort me there-- when we came to the
river an Indian with a canoe being there
who cheerfully took us across- I had a
pleasant walk up the river, viewing the