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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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to be instructed in the ways of the white
people-- After a considerable time of con-
ference among themselves they inform’d
us- We return thanks to the great Spirit
to see you all well, and that he has preserv’d
your women thro’ so long a journey, and
that they have ariv’d safe in our country,-
and we are much pleas’d they are going to
stay among us, to instruct our women.
We return thanks to the great Spirit, that
he has put this into your hearts, and we
wish you to make your minds easy.

8 Month 3rd

In a letter to her father Coope

she writes- Altho this is the first time I
have attempted to address thee in this
way since we parted (exceping a few lines
from Middletown) yet it has not been for
want of affection, nay verily, the taking
hold of thy hand when we parted, was
by far the closest trial I met with among all
my near relations, and for many miles
I could not suppress the tears from flow-
ing -- Our moving here was from a sense