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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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she says- A great many of the natives came to
see us, thro’ the course of this day; among them
was Cornplanter

’s sister who said; “she was
glad the Good Spirit had brought us safe thro’
our long journey.”—which raised sensations so comforta-
ble and endearing that my heart was
fill’d with gratitude, and this language,
in the secret of my spirit, was breathed,
“Great and marvlous are thy works Lord
God Almighty.

6 Month 14th

They met the Indians in coun-
cil, which was opened by one of their chiefs
expressing thanks to the great Spirit, who
had brought them safely thro’ so long and
perilous a journey: - she then says the
address from the committee relative to
us was first read, then part of an epistle
to their women. -- They were also inform’d
that, notwithstanding our journey had been
long and trying, yet we felt peace of mind
in being with them, and hoped our sis-
ters the Indian women would be wil-
ling, when we became more acquainted