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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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have been educated abroad, are treated with much
neglect when they return home; and these having
into favour with thier Tribe, return to the hab-
its and practices of uncivilized Indians.

We regretted that there were no educated
Indians employed as teachers or assistants, in any
of the Tribes, white people supplying such
places entirely. But we believe that much
advantage might arise in many respects, both
to parents and children, by encouraging native
teachers and assistants; and we would suggest
that special care be taken to bring about
so desirable an object.

Having completed the foregoing
statement of facts, from extended notes taken
during the course of our journey, which oc-
cupied us from the latter part of the eighth
month to the last of the year 1842, during
which we were partakers of many mercies and
preservations, we submit it to the consideration
and disposal of our dear friends of the Commit-
tees of New England

and New York Yearly

(Signed,) John D Lang
Samuel Taylor Jun. 4th Month 19th 1843.