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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Farmington 5 Mo 7th 1818


On sight please to pay Wm Kibbi

on order fifty dollars and place the
same to our account as per advic
from thy friends

Richard R Lawrence Joseph Compton David Baker Ira Lapham Caleb McComber Jon. Battey
New York
New York 16th 5 mo 1818

Josiah Field

Bo. for Mary Dockstodder
of Samuel Wood & Son
1/2 Doz. Testaments 8/ 6.00 1/2 do 0.25 1/2 do Precipters 0.50 1 Quire paper 0.25 1 Quire Letter do. 0.31 Bot of Benjamin Pipe
6 pair Specticles 2.25 paid Cash for her Expences 25.00 $34.56

Rec. New York 5 Mo 20 1818 of John Barrow
the above amt in full
Josiah Field