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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Meeting of Indian Com. of N. England & M. Day on behalf of
New York. John D. Lang, &c. 2 mo 1842
Letter from S. Taylor Jr. at Fort Madisons. Iowa.
on way to Indian Ter.. 10 mo 1842

At a meeting of the Committee of New England Yearly

on the concern of the Indians located west of
the Mississippi held at Providence 2nd Mo. 3rd 1842.

We have at this meeting the acceptable company
of our friend Mahlon Day

on behalf of the Committee of
New York Yearly Meeting.

Our friends John D. Lang

and Samuel Taylor jun.
being now present, the subject of their engaging in carrying
out the concern before us has again claimed our solid
and deliberate consideration, and our dear friends
manifesting a willingness to yield themselves to this
service, there was a united and full expression of
unity with their therein. And it appearing to there
view that it might be right for them to enter upon the
work early in the autumn of this year, they were
encouraged to attend to the prospect in taking such
preparatory steps so may seem to them proper.

Extracted from the Minutes of the aforesaid
Samuel Boyd Tobey Clerk