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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Ohio Yearly Meeting's Agency at Kansas River

4 Mo. 12th 1840
Near Wilmington Ohio Mahalon Day,
My Dear friend

Accompanying this, thou will
receive a copy of our last Yearly Meeting's Minutes
I refer thee and your Committee on Indian concerns to
our report on the corispondance with your and with friends
of New England Yearly Meeting

for their discision in the
case, thou will find it on page 26. I am just willing
briefly to state to thee reasons we have for proposing the
change in the location of our contemplated Agency whi-
ch are that it is now altogether uncertain when the law
providing for the Government of the Indians will be past
by Congress, and when passed if passed atall, the seat of the-
ir Federal Government will in all probability be located am-
ong the Cherokees Chochtaws, or some of the numerous tribes
in the sothern part of the Indian Teritory, which is a
considerable distance from the Shawnees, the imediate objects
of our care and as the many small tribes, and remnants
of tribes are situated contageous to them, and less cared for
by our Government than the larger tribes I have alluded
to, it has seemed to us that we were best satisfied to propose
to our Dear friends who are thus concerned, to have the
Agency located at our Establishment on the Konsas
, we thought that an Agency might be placed with
our friends who may be residing at that place without
so great expenses, and do more good among the much
neglected remnants of tribes who are for more exposed
to the intreagues of the avoricious white Man, than the
larger and better informed Nations are.

I have hastly sketched this on behalf of our corispon-
ding Committee and hope friends understand us on the subject

I am about setting off for the Konsas River

my family to take charge of our school establishment among
the Shawnees where I expect we shall remain for two years as
Agents of the society.

Any communication you may please
to forward for our Committee, I suppose might be