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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Letter from Ohio Committee to New York Com. 1839

Near Wilmington Ohio, 3rd Mo. 16th 1839
Mahlan Day
Dear friend

I herewith forward thee the minutes of
our late yearly Meeting, by which thou will see
on page 26 that the meeting appointed a Com-
mittee to Correspond with like Committies
of other yearly meetings on the Subject of
Indian Civilization, in accordance with the
propositions made in the Epistles from New York

& New England Yearly Meetings, and that our
yearly meeting will expect a report next yearly

By direction & on behalf of our
Committee aforesaid, I hasten to inform thee
(as we understand thou art Clerk to the
Committee of your Yearly Meeting) that we
are ready to receive any communication you
may please to make to us, and shall look
with anxiety for the views you have on the
subject of your appointment, as in our opin-
ion the subject of Indian Civilization is
our in which friends aught to manifest in
spirit of libirality and more enlarged views
than has somtimes been
manifested in this very interesting subject.

By reading our Indian report in the minutes
the Memmorial to Congress, and the address
on behalf of the Indians, to all of which
the Committee of your Y. M. is refered, you will
find that we are still labouring for the Indians
as way opens--by recent accounts from our Estab-
lishment the school appears to be in operation &
the Indians doing well.

Please direct litters to Henry Harvey Wilmington
Clinton County Ohio
In love we are your friends
On behalf of the Com. Henry Harvey