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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Baltimore Committee on Indian affairs--Shawanese tribe, &c.
Address from Indians to their old Friends, the Quakers of Philadel.

To the Committee on Indian Concerns of
New York Yearly Meeting

Dear Friends

A report & minute of your last yearly
Meeting on the subject of Indian Concerns, having
been received by us, has claimed our notice
and consideration.

We are glad to perceive a manifestation
on your part of Strong interest in the present
condition and future prospects of the much
wronged Aborigines of our country. We believe
them to be prominent and peculiar objects for
our sympathy and help, and desire that friends
every where may be strengthened in the pursuance
of such measures for them assistance and Improve-
ment as true wisdom may unfold, ever remem-
bering that to relieve the oppressed is no less a
part of that charity which is kind,than to
judge the fatherless and to plead for the widow.

We are however detered from joining you in
your Special concern, as developed in the report
above alluded to--our hands being full with the
engagement which we are now carrying on in
conjunction with

Ohio & Indiana Yearly Meetings
for the civilization and christian Instruction
of the Shawnese tribe. This engagement has
been one of long standing--has recapioned much
spenditure of money and been the subject of
much pains. We are anxious to continue its
prosecution still further and in order to do this
we shall have demands upon us for all the
funds that are likely to be placed at our dis-