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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Letter from N. Carolina respecting Indians west of Mississippi--1838

The Epistle received from New York

requests that friends
on this Continent, should come to a joint action, in rendering
Counsel Protection and Assistance, to the Indian tribes West of
the Mississippi, and informs, that Mahlon Day is the clerk
of their committee, with whom we may correspond upon the
subject. Nathan Mendenhall and Abel Coffin are appointed
to correspond on behalf of this meeting and report the result
of their information to next yearly meeting

Extracted from the minutes of the yearly meeting of
friends in North-Carolina

the 16th 11 mo 1838
By Nathan Mendenhall clerk
this year

Near James Town Guilford Country N.C.
Highly Esteemed Stranger
Mahlon Day

We desire any information within thy reach on
the foregoing, important Subject, there is nothing in our
possission worthy of communicating, but we doubt assistance
will not be rendered in due season, or in other words, so soon as
need, pressing need requires, particularly the Cherokee tribes

a part of whom, it is said, went from the western part of this state.

We wish to be speedily informed if there are Agents or
trustees, for friends, in any of the Western States, who could
receive cash and purchase blankets and provisions and forward the
same by Steamboat, or otherwise, so that such materials can
be put to the uses intended, however it should be understood
that we have nothing at our command, yet if need be, we
think, we could call our meeting for sufferings together for
the purpose

Thy friends Nathan Mendenhall
Abel Coffin

PS. Our Yearly Meeting was held from the 5th to the
9th of the 11th month inclusive 1838