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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Canandaigua. July 6th 1827.

I received your letter of the 26th ultimo with the
enclosed memorial from Red Jacket

and others on the subject
of a treaty concluded last summer at Buffaloe between the
Seneca Nation of Indians and the owners of the preeptive

In answer to it I beg leave to state in addition to
the enclosed copy of a letter to Col. Thomas McKinney

dated the 20th of April last. That soon after Judge
received his authorization to act as a Commissi-
oner on the part of the United States at a treaty to be
held between the Seneca Nation of indians and the
owner of the preemptive right, he appointed the 11th
day of september as the day for holding the same.
That five days thereafter I arrived at Buffaloe for
the purpose of making a distribution of the auunity in
goods from the U. States to the Indians, agreeably to
an appointment which I had made with the chiefs
of the Seneca Nation to meet them on the 15th of
September previously to the making of the aforesaid
appointment by Judge Forward. That previous going
to Buffaloe I was particularly requested by the proprietors
of the pre-emptive right at the of Judge Forward,
not to be present at, or interfere with the depending nego-
tiation--to which I replied that, having made an appoint-
ment to meet the Indians for the purpose above mentioned,
I must be there until 15th.