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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Respected Friend

The Brothertown Indians

appear to be rather
improving amongst the young people, Stockbridge
we know how it is with them fild with white people--
the Oneidas their appears a great disposition to work &
improve their land especially the south settlement--
respecting the Onondagoes concerning the saw Mill
appears to be fully settled with Ephraim Webster
he has given it up to the Indians, he did observe he thoug-
ht they had ought to allow him something. I told him
as he had got some of their land that the Indians might
have the saw Mill which he, consented too, & there appears
as much unity with Webster & the Indians as ever.
Mary from Stockbridge & her step Father has gone to
in order to stay this season--which I do most cordially
unite with, & believe they will be very usefull to them
I may observe to the that I have been very much
favoured in getting along this far for all which I
have great cares to be thankfull for.

Onondago 19th of 5th Mo. 1820 Thy Friend Charles Willits