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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Address of Stockbridge Indians to N. York Committee
6mo 1819

The Muhhuonnuk Nation

give their salutations
to their friends, who have taken pains to follow the
long path, that leads from their fire place hith-

Be it known to you, that we as a Nation
feel glad, that the great & good Spirit has
put such love in your hearts as to be willing,
to take such a long journey to pay us a friendly visit.

When you arrived at our fire place and
opened your mouth, your words gladened
our hearts, for which we feel thankful
to the great & good Spirit.

you have given us many good counsels
both for our temporal & spiritual good, for
which we now thank you.

We esteen it a great blessing to have
such fiends as you & your societies are who
have maintained friendship with not only
our nation, but different tribes of our col-
our also.

Be assured that we have swallow'd
down all your words, and we hope by the help
of the good Spirit, we may yet be enabled to fol-
low the good path which you have pointed
out for us--and we hope you will not be
discouraged, but exersise patience & continue to lead
us by the hand longer.

Be it known to you, that many of
your colour siting around our dish & diping out
therefrom, and taking all the advantages
they possibly can of our ignorance, their
eyes being wide open. Of course therefore