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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Address of an Oneida Chief.
1 mo. 1819

Part of an address of an Indian Chief of Oneida (named
Peter the great the second) to some Friends who had been in
council with the tribe in regard to the state of things among
them relating to a civilized life.

Brothers--It is impossible for us to express the
gratitude we feel for the friendship which you have manif-
ested towards us and for this we raise our hearts and
hands by way of thanksgiving to Him, who swells in the realms of light
and glory.

The above sentence the interpreter
took down in writing immediately after it was delivered to
us, by the above named chief and what follows it from rec-

We also feel thankful to the
great & good spirit for the good counsel you have given us
as relates to our temporal concerns, which we hope to put
in practice. We feel more especially thankful for the
counsel you gave us, when you spoke of the kingdom of
God, a pure kingdom, your words gladdened our hearts
we believe with you that there is such a kingdom were
all the good of all nations will meet together and where no
wicked will come. We believe with you, one God
made all nations and wants all to be happy.

Brothers, The kindness you and your society have long man-
ifested to us poor Indians, is remembered with warm hearts
we look up to you, as our friends, we want our warmest
respects to be given to our brethren the committee in
New York

and tell them their kindness in leading us, by
the hand, and the good counsel we have received shall