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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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feel happy to state that our young men improve greatly
in husbandry and that they love to labor much within
one year since. Many are now preparing to their fields
in order to sow wheat & other winter grain.

We owe in a great degree these late changes to your
friendly advice which you have repeatedly given us.

We have reason to thank the great Spirit, that he has
pleased to put it in the minds of Friends to visit us
often--and hope that they will continue their visits.

We now send our salutations to you all, in which
our women join us
Hendrick Aupaumut Joseph Quinney John Metorsen Abnir. W. Hendrick Signed in of the Nation. Solomon U. Hendrick
Clk. New Stockbridge
Sept. 12th 1817