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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Several of our youth have also been sent to different semenaries for instruction, but
none have made so great proficiencies in the inglish language, as those two, who
have been brought up under your tuition, namely Jn. Quinney

& Solomon Hen-
, the latter being engaged in one of our schools & gives general satisfaction.

Brothers & Sisters, It would make our talk too lengthy to enumerate all the favors we
have received from you, therefore must conclude by telling of you, that your
red sisters are poor, & all we can do is, to return you our hearty & sincere thanks,
& to promise you, that we will endeavor to follow your good counsels giv-
en to us repeatedly: & we hope & pray that the great & good Spirit will reward you
according to your good works.

Brothers & Sisters, With our best respectss & unfeigned love, we bid you farewell. Mary Pye Elizabeth Seth Lucy Abrams Jacob Naunechplough Hendrick Aupaumat Eunice Paupquotch-chiem Catharine Motoxew Hannah Checks New-Stockbridge
1st moth 2nd 1815

To the religious society of people called Quakers of friends in general
residing in the State of New York: & to those in particular who
sent their address to us & to our men dated New York

, 5th month 1815

New Hartford 12. Mo. 22. 1815 Esteened Friends
G. Seaman. John
& T. Willis

I rec. yours of 11th instant, last
evening. William Rathborne

left the school at Oneida
in the fall, and there has been none kept since
and indeed there are so few children attends as soon as
the weather becomes cold, that it is discouraging to attempt
to keep it up during the winter, I will confer with Wm.
, and such of the commtee as are hereabouts, &
endeavour to procure a teacher against the spring.

the inclosed letter which ought to have been laid before
committee at their last meeting, will prove by its date
neglect or forgetfulness somewhere, perhaps Joseph Frost

myself, may as well share the blame between us, I must own
I received it seasonable to have forwarded it to the committee, it
having been delivered to me when J. Frost went to view his new
land, some time in the fall, no opportunity then presenting to
forward it, it slipt my memory when there was one. Is is not
a matter of sufficient importance to call together such of the
committee as are convenient, and give Webster an answer
the few of us of the committee in this neighbourhood, are quite
in favour of their being assisted in some way that they may
have a saw mill, thinking it will be a means of furnishing
them with boards and timber in an easy way, that may tend to
encourage them in providing themselves with better houses and
barns,--and tho these are our sentiments we did not think ourselves
warranted to grant their request, being of too much importance
for our small number.

The white inhabitants who have got in among the Stockbridge

, and taken their lands on lease, to their great prjudice;
I fear will not be removed soon, withour considerable exertion, they
use so much art and contrivance to get the chiefs in favour of their
continuing. For altho they have been proceded against as the law directs, yet