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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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but I did not buy it to sell to any one with out it was to the
Indions or the superintendants under the 23 section of the
Act entitled an act relative to the different tribes &
Nations of Indions within this state passed 10th April
1813 & I have been willing to sell it to them on
the same conditions as I baught it. I have been informed that some of the
committee who visited Brothertown

expressed great
concern on account of my agreeing for the Lot
They may be informed that if the superintendent
& peace makers doth not conclude to take it as
above stated; and they have a prefferance that
some other person should own the Lot and will
inform me of the same I will endeavor to gratify thim im-
mediately as there is a person who wants to buy
it and will pay for the improvement I have made

James Mott T. Dean

P.S. It may not be a miss to prevent future unea
-siness to mention that Tho. Isaac

informed me
that he intended to sell his Lot. And I have been
informed he has been offered $2000 for it I have
no doubt he will sell it before spring--& I have
been informed several others wishes to sell and I think
likely will before long if the Governor is disposed to
buy as he is authorised to purchase from the Stockbridge
and Brothertown Indions in behalf of the state such part
of their reservation & lands as they may be desireous of silling
By the 4 section of the act relative to the vilage of Onieda
and other purposes--passed 8th April 1815

to Joseph Frost and James Moot

the Indians Requested me to write
a Reply to an address delivered them
the other day by friends. --
to write all that was said would fill
a mumber of sheets of paper I thairfore
have taken the heads of it.
thay Receivd the advice with thankfullnes
they stated that a grate number
of thair peaple had not tasted strong
liquer for thirteen years past and
thay Beleave that you had
asisted them and Enabled them
to keep from it and would Continue
so to Due as long as thay tride to
keep from it.