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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Thomas Dean Statement relating to Brothertown Indians

By request of James Mott

. I make the following
statement being the reason & cause of my
takeing a Lease of Land belonging Isaac & Jane
in Brothertown.

Whin I agreed with the superintendant
of the affairs of the Brothertown Indians

. It was
agreed on by Tho. Cody & Henry McNire that
I should have the privoledg of the immovement
on Lots No. 15 & 16 in said Town for my accomodation
in addition to my former sallery which has not
been the case. I have only had the land a part of
the time since I have been in Brothertown
although the superintendants has allowd me a
part of the rent of the said Land yet I have been
very much for the want of pasture
& meadow Land not having a pasture to put a
horse in and I have had nearly all my hay to
buy for 2 or 3 years--which was very expensive and
inconvenint. But I should not have complained
of the imbarresments I was under for I knew that
it was not all together in the control of the Super
-intendants to furnish me with the land promised
for my accomodation nor should I have taken a
lease of Isaac Wobby had I not thot it was for the
benefit of Brothertown. On account of the follow-
ing circumstance (viz) Isaac Wobbly was always disatis
-fyed with the Indians and their government--and in
the winter of 1810-11 he & Thomas Isaac petitioned the